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To Fear Learning
is to Fear Growth.

Larry Ackerman

In Person

If resources allow, I much prefer to share my knolwedge on the matter in person.  Whether you need help setting up your first social media account, or are ready to dive into the depths of any soical media platform, I'm ready to expand your understanding on the subject.  Contatct me for a list of availible courses, all of which can be catered to you!


Your first free tip, STOP trying to sell your services on social media!  Create a strong brand that entices people to visit your website, that's where the true magic happens.  

A generic training outline, you can pick and choose what you want to learn and we can work together to create a training day game plan that fits your time and budget constraints.  Here they are listed in what I feel are most important to least importatnt:

  • Social Media

    • Why is it important?​

    • How can you create viral content?

    • Establishing a voice for your brand 

  • Facebook Basics

    • Setting up Your Page ​

    • Optimaizing your Page's SEO

    • What to post, When to Post, How to Scheudle Posts

    • How to create content 

  • Facebook Advanced

    • Reading Your Analytics to ensure you're doing it right​

    • Creating Facebook Ads 

    • Promoting ways for prospects to contact you

  • Instagram

    • Understanding Instagram

    • How to create content for instagram 

    • Advertising on Instagram

  • Youtube

    • Why Video Content

    • How to create video content

    • Basic Editing (additional software may be required, we'll talk before my training)

    • Optimaizing your videos so they show up in Google

  • Twitter

    • I rarley reccomend twitter as a platform for advertising, it's too broad; but I'm versed in the platform, and if you want training, I'll provide it.

  • Snapchat

    • Why Snapchat

    • It's the toughest to keep up with, but if used correctly, can warrent some amazing results. 

"Teachers Open the Door, but you must enter it by yourself." 

Chinese Proverb

Over the Web

The good news is, anything I can teach you in person, I can teach you over the internet. The energy level won't be as tangible, but you won't be missing much.  All of my trainings can be completed via webinar / screen sharing applications.  You'll be dominating social media marekting in no time.  


Your second free tip, custom content is key.  Recyling (sharing) content is important, but t he real winner on the internet is origianlity. 

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