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The Story of the Bow Tie.


After graduating college, I began to fall in love with social media.  I used a personal project (weight loss) to test various strategies on social media to increase engagement.  I created the persona of "Bowtie Boy."  For every pound I lost, I bought a bowtie and shared my journey with thousands of people via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  I knew I was on to something, big so I began expanding my knowlege in the world of Digital Marekting.  From seminars to webinars the amount of information there is to learn  never ceases to amaze me. Within 2 years I had accrued over 15 certifications and I have no plans on stopping. 

In order to learn the ins and outs of social media through trial and erro,r I knew I had to experiment with a brand.  I was in the starting phases of massive weight loss (150lbs.) So I made a commitment to buy 1 bow tie for every pound I lost. I began branding myself as the Bowtie Boy. I was getting write-ups in local papers for performing acts of charity and my random adventures around Philadelphia.  I realized that it takes Emotion, Relativity and Reliability to go "viral". I began to expand those thoughts to craft successful digital marketing strategies. 


Post graduating from Susquehanna University with dueal Bachelor's degrees, I quickly discovered my expertise in digital marketing would be put to best use in the aesthetics industry. My training has included learning the depths of social media (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Pinterest) from industry leader Gary Vaynerchuk. I've also spent time studying with Jonah Berger, thought to be one of the most revolutionary minds in the "making things viral" industry. My objective has always been to grow the business I work for now, but also to teach others the steps necessary for digital marketing success, most specifically Facebook. After completing my Facebook Blueprint Certification, Meesha Aesthetics enjoyed a drastic increase of traffic and a top notch response rate when it comes to engagement. I am not only "fluent" in Facebook, I've enjoyed completing certificates in Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Word Press and Hootsuite University. When I'm not in the office creating content, I also frequent other aesthetics  offices to train them and give them a crash course on being successful. I regularly advance my expertise in digital marketing by visiting conferences across the country and even into Canada to collaborate with industry leaders. In addition to my work in the aesthetics industry, I lead, via social media, the largest monthly networking event in Philadelphia with over 600 monthly guests which also continues to grow.  This blurb is getting long, I should probably wrap it up. Thanks for reading, and I look forward to helping you grow! 


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